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  • LOW COST...
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  • Residential (Retrofit & New Builds) RetroFAST® Wastewater Treatment System
  • Residential & Commerical (Retrofit & New Builds) MicroFAST® Wastewater Treatment System
  • Commerical (Retrofit & New Builds) HighStrengthFAST® Wastewater Treatment System
  • Commercial & Community (Retrofit & New Builds) RollsAIR® Extended Aeration System
  • Residential & Commerical (Retrofit & New Builds) BioBarrier® Membrane BioReactors (MBRs)

In wastewater treatment, we are the official distributors.

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Simple, Low Cost, Robust Solutions

Residential Small Septic Systems

We provide some of the most popular alternatives to conventional septic systems. These systems meet most residential needs for any size single family home from upgrading existing systems to new construction.

Residential Clustered and Community Systems

These larger decentralized wastewater treatment systems provide small communities, subdivisions, apartment buildings and other clustered residential developments with innovative, affordable alternatives to a centralized sewage treatment plant.

High Strength Commercial Systems

High Strength wastewater treatment systems available to offer commercial properties, such as retail or wholesale trade buildings, hotels, restaurants, offices, clinics/hospitals, warehouses, light manufacturing, and other such applications versatile and consistent high performance even on the most seemingly unbuildable lots.

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